"Thank you, thank you very much. And now ladies and gentlemen I want to show you this wonderful trick now."​

Takes off cover to reveal an empty vase

"From this empty vase or vaze I will now produce a bouquet of flowers."

Covers vase with cloth

Shouts, "A bouquet of flowers."

The magic words are said by Tommy

"Brrrrrrr brrrrrr shuhhhh!!"

Unveils vase nothing has happened

Lifts and the puts vase back down

Replaces cloth and has another go

"Brrrrrrr brrrrrr shuhhhh!!"

Reveals vase, again still nothing

Lifts and looks inside the vase

Turns a switch on the vase-stand

Audience bursts out laughing

TC looks at them as if nothing has happened

Replaces cloth on vase

"Right a bouquet of flowers ...... huppp"

Catches flowers in the air

"Thank you and goodnight."