1. Title
Tommy: "Here's a pack of cards. I'd like somebody here at random....."​

Tommy points to the audience and says

Tommy: "Mr Random, would you think of any card in the pack, but don't tell me."

Tommy points and nods to the man in the audience

Tommy: "Think of any card Sir."


Tommy: "No, just think of one ."


Tommy: "Have you thought of one Sir? Right, now this is mind over matter. If you don't mind I don't matter."

Picks up a toy duck

Tommy: " I'll put the cards in there Sir."

Puts cards in the box on the toy duck. Tommy strokes the duck, who's head goes forward to try and grab one of the cards, with it's mouth

Tommy: " NOW THIS DUCK!" Shouts Tommy

Tommy fakes a heart scare 

Tommy: " Will take your chosen card from that pack."

Tommy: "Now you may have seen a duck do that before, but be fair not blindfolded!"

Picks up the toy duck who, in turn, proceeds to grab a card

Tommy: " What was your card Sir?"

Tommy waits for the answer

Man in audience: "Five of diamonds."

Tommy looks at the card 

Tommy: "Correct." 

Throws the card behind him