"My wife always serves me food that melts in the mouth, but how many ice cubes can you swallow?"

Now well known to many as a great Panto dame, Steve Barclay was about 14 when he went on stage with Tommy. He had to help with a trick with rope through his jacket. 
Steve remembers that this was in Torquay and Peter Hudson was helping --- through the mayhem Tommy and Peter were laughing up stage, and the trick REALLY went wrong. Tommy did a cod faint, and when he was down he said to the band in the pit "Play us off quick." 

They did and that was the first half over. Steve went in his dressing room, and got a signed cartoon and a pen saying  STOLEN FROM TOMMY COOPER!!!

Around four years later, when Tommy was appearing for a week at the Broadway club Failsworth Manchester, Steve wrote to Tommy. Below is a copy of the actual reply that he received.
The letter reads: Dear Steve, I remember Torquay! Thanks for your letter. - Just keep working it isn't easy - make the most of every opportunity. Sincerely Tommy Cooper