Legendary boxer Henry Cooper was picked to take part in Tommy's shirt trick.  Here's what happened next.​​​

"All we need is a volunteer from the audience. What about you the genial fellow there."

Henry Cooper walks on set to a rapturous reception

"Ladies and gentlemen that popular duo Tommy Cooper and Henry Cooper, former Heavyweight Boxing champion, in the 'Shirt Trick."​

​​Tommy: "Do sit down."

Henry sits

Tommy throws two imaginary punches behind his back

Henry Cooper: "Like the shirt?"

Tommy: "Yes"

Henry Cooper: "Expensive shirt, hand-made."

Tommy throws another imaginary punch behind his back

Tommy: "Don't mix it with me kid, I'm telling you. I know your face."

Henry Cooper: "Seen it around?."

Tommy: "I come from a long line of boxers."

Henry Cooper: "Yeh."

Tommy: "Except my father.........he's a cocker spaniel. Do you know I was in thering once with Cassius Clay."

Henry Cooper: "Go on."

Tommy: "No really on my life I was. I got him worried. I did...he thought he'd killed me."

Henry Cooper: "Go on."

Tommy: "He came in like that........and I was like that.....or I may have been like that........or like that. I tell you what it is I want to do the shirt trick on you.  You don't know what it is do you? "

Henry Cooper: "Well I've seen it."

Tommy: "Well could you be so kind as to undo your buttons there look. Now can I just take your tie?"

Henry Cooper: "It's a good tie innit."

Tommy: "Oh, it's very nice."

Tommy throws another imaginary punch behind his back

Tommy: "Undo the buttons will you?"

Henry Cooper: "Undo the buttons right."

Tommy flexes his arms and chest

Tommy: "There's a ripple coming out Roy." 

Henry Cooper: "Right."

Tommy: "I'm gonna take your shirt off."

Henry Cooper: "Man-made."

Tommy: "Yes, I'm gonna take it off without taking the coat."

Henry Cooper: "O.K. then."

Tommy: "Right, I haven't done this for a long time."
Henry Cooper: "How long?"

Tommy's yanking the collar

Henry Cooper: "You alright?"

Tommy: "Yes."

Tommy yanks the collar harder

Henry Cooper: "You alright Tom?"

Tommy yanks the collar even harder

Henry Cooper: "Oi what's happening?........................ What the bleeding............Have you torn my shirt? "

Henry throws a punch but misses