After the show you all have to write twenty-five words on 'why I like Tommy Cooper.'
All entries must be written on a twenty pound note.

As time goes by' 74KB (Tommy's version of Dooley Wilson's Casablanca song)

Tommy donning straw boater and singing ' Bye Bye Blue'

TC letting rip with his version of ' Ophelia'

TC gives ' What now my love' the full treatment

Tommy singing Bing Crosbys ' Where the blue of night meets the gold of day'

Tommy's version of Frankie Vaughan singing ' Give me the moonlight'

During a live theatre performance, by Lionel Blair, TC was busy rehearsing behind the curtain as Lionel tried to sing ' She is my loved one'

TC introducing the madcap singer Bob Blackman singing ' Mule train'

' Don't jump off the roof Dad' In 1961 Tommy had a top 40 hit with this record. 

The A side was called '​ How come there's no dog day'

' Don't jump off the roof Dad' lyrics

'Daddy came home from work tired 
The boss had been driving him mad. 
The kids started fighting, the dog bit him too 
His dinner was nothing but warmed over stew. 

I guess it was then he decided 
Up to the rooftop he'll go 
He was about to jump off when 
The kids started howling below 

'Oh Don't jump off the roof, Dad 
You'll make a hole in the yard 
Mother's just planted petunias 
The weeding and seeding was hard 

If you must end it all, Dad 
Won't you please give us a break 
Just take a walk to the park, Dad 
And there you can jump in the lake.' 

Words & Music by: Cy Coben

'Just Like That' 1975 -  The B side was 'Magic Magic'​​​

' The Sheikh of Araby' Signature tune - Words & Music by: Harry Smith, Francis Wheeler & Ted Snider, 1921

'​ Tom Tom the Piper's Son' The pig in question was not a real pig, but a sweetmeat sold by street hawkers in the 18th century. 

' We'll meet again' Tommy's definitive version of Vera Lynn's classic WWII song.
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