1. Early Tom
    Early Tom
  2. 1950 Gala Variety
    1950 Gala Variety
  3. Radio Times listing
    Radio Times listing
Tommy made his television debut on ​​Leslie Henson's Christmas Eve Party December 24, 1947. ​​​

Comedy Capers 1948 BBC 1x30m
A mixture of stand up and sketch material featuring George Gee and Georgie Wood

Gala Variety 1950 BBC
A celebration of the opening of the BBC's Lime Grove studios

It's Magic 1952 BBC 8x45m 
Every fortnight from March 12th until June 18th
This show which combined 'mischief, music and mystery' was the last series TC would make for the BBC

Television's Christmas Party 1952 BBC (105 Min) & 1954 (100 Min)
Tommy made two guest appearances on this 'live' Christmas entertainment show

Panto Parade 1954 BBC (60 Min)

Cooper (or Life With Tommy) 1957 Associated-Redifussion 12x30m 
First for ITV, Sitcom based

The Tommy Cooper Hour 1957 ATV 1x60m 
A single show screened under the banner Val Parnell's Saturday Spectacular

A Santa for Christmas December 26, 1957 ATV (90 Min)
TV movie

Cooper's Capers 1958 ATV 6x30m
Comedy sketches more than his magic

Cooperama 1966 ABC 7x35m
Sketch show

Life With Cooper 1966 ABC-Thames 20x30m
Reliving fictional comic situations from his past

The Bruce Forsyth Show 1967 ABPC
Two appearances.

Sykes Versus ITV 1967 ABC 1x60m
Courtroom trial with Eric Sykes

  1. Thames!
  2. Script......
Cooper At Large 1968 Thames 1x45m 
Second of Tommy Cooper's 'specials' for Thames

Cooper King-size 1968 Thames 1x60m 
Classic routines from the unlikely location of his studio dressing room

Tommy Cooper 1969 LWT 13x30m
Bad jokes and bad magic, performed with the same immaculately timed Cooper delivery 

The Tommy Cooper Hour 1973 Thames 9x60m
One-hour specials

Cooper 1975 Thames 6x30m
A series with Cooper joined in each edition by actors for a sketch 

Tommy Cooper's Guest Night 1976 Thames 1x60m  
Arthur Askey for a song-and-dance act, take to the floor with Lionel Blair

Parkinson's Magic Show 1976 BBC
An hilarious interview with Michael Parkinson

Cooper - Just Like That 1978 Thames 6x30m 
Magic fun with different star guests

The Tommy Cooper Show 1978 Thames 1x60m
Tommy's magic moments

Cooper's Half Hour 1980 Thames 6x30m
Tommy wrote this show too

It's Your Move 1982 Thames 1x30m
Almost dialogue-free film 

The Eric Sykes 1990 Show 1982 Thames 1x60m
Eric Sykes comedy plotting the near-future of TV, Tommy played an entertainer

The Bob Monkhouse Show 1983 BBC Series One 1x55m
Monkhouse introduced his guests, gave them space to perform extracts from their stage-shows and then participated in 'scripted' interviews in which he generously played straightman, allowing them to air more of their material

The Main Attraction 1983 BBC Series One 1x45m
A Saturday-night entertainment show in which comedians featured extensively.