Tommy: " WHITE RABBIT!! (lifts holder) - BLACK RABBIT!! (lifts holder). Black Rabbit - white rabbit. I will now make them change places."

Claps hands

"They have now changed places. I shall make them go back again. OH-HOWWAH!!! There. I'll put 'em apart over there like that."

Picks up one holder and turns it around on his way to the other table

Goes back to his original table picks the other holder up and turns it around

"What turn 'em around? Oh alright, hows that?"

Twists it around 360 degrees

"Here's the black rabbit. Here's the white rabbit. I'll put it back here like this."

Lifts up white rabbit holder and puts back on original table turning the holder around as well

Rattles both holders

Hits both holders underneath

"And here's the white rabbit. What? Turn 'em around?" "HOWZAT !!"

Rabbits have changed to yellow and blue ones.